Monday, May 18, 2009

Brain Drain...The other side of countries who lose their well educated scientists

I found this other article about African countries. If we look to "Love and Gold" by Hochschild, it is the same circumstance which make people to leave their countries. In most of the people are always going to follow the money. Also everybody dreams is to improve his and families conditions so that we are willing to immigrate to other countries which offer more for our knowledge.

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  1. wow thats also really sad. I think its getting to a whole new level of globalization where the people become the product on the market. The people of other countries giving what they have to us here in AMerica. As if they were another item of clothing or an object. I wish there was something we, this generation, could do to change the way things are going. Just because they are coming from a "3rd world" doesnt make them less human!